Nobilia Projects New Features Collection 2022 | Our passion. Your Solution

Nobilia Projects New Features Collection 2022 | Our passion. Your Solution

Nobilia Projects New Features Collection 2022 | Our passion. Your Solution

More than ever homes have become the centre of our lives and a place to seek comfort and well-being, with the kitchen growing in importance as a social and communicative centre, as the heart of the home.

Our Collections are now defined by intelligent and incredibly variable storage solutions, smart features, some with digital inspiration and new colours and decors.

The new seven front colours and décors of the 2022 collection are inspired by natural colours and materials. Colours range from a warm Volcanic grey, to uni-coloured surfaces in Mineral green and Fjord blue all the way to a timeless Slate grey and deep white. The range of wood reproductions has been expanded with Oak Montreal, a remarkably authentic looking wood décor with a natural appearance. A sand-coloured concrete décor and an elegant, white matt glass appearance design complement the range of fronts.

With natural surfaces and reproductions are in style. Our new Vikings Oak décor with its rugged, rustic details adds character to any room, particularly when combined with Concrete Sand fronts. The perfect décor for a modern urban ambiance.

Our patented Xtra Ceramic worktops will wow you with their natural appearance and their exceptional usability. The worktop and niche thickness of 16 mm is achieved through bonding with a support panel made of recycled waste glass. In addition, the worktops and niches have impact-resistant design edges. Xtra Ceramic is available in five décors, which look great when combined with our existing colour range.

Seven new handle designs, eight new upright panel colours and a new colour concept for shelf units complement the expanded range of surround designs. The fine contours of the new bevelled shelf units and wall shelves contribute to elegant and subtle lines in the interior design.

New Features At a glance
• 7 new fronts with anti-finger print
• 7 new handles
• Leather loop handles
• 30 shelf unit colours
• New worktop Xtra Ceramic available in 5 colours
• New work top in 3 new decors, with quartz worktops expanding to 2 new decors
• Bevelled shelf and wall units
• Pilaster and cornices in new colours
• New wall and tall unit height
• Sink unit s for Belfast sinks
• Grohe Blue Red all in one water system
• Built in sinks
• New living area ideas.